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Nilon @ Eco Park

NilonEco Park

Happy New Year!

Had a simple celebration in our home to face 2011,  celebrating this new year was too effortless compared  to last year that i saw lot of fireworks and many people celebrating  outside their home and made some noise and I remember that they had street dance that everyone’s are invited to rock the streets, but unfortunately it didn’t happened. But it is ok the important is we celebrate the New Year with our family regardless of how we celebrate it. We are fortunate because there are some people that they spending their time in the office and abroad because of call of duty.

I hope this 2011 would be a great year for all of us. God Bless Philippines

Nana Techie :P

LOL 😀 My Mother is a techie whahaha. she cant resists to check her facebook profile everymorning. sometime i laughed w/ her because she have a super slow typing skills :P..


I just saw this man talking to god so seriously.

Merry Christmast

Merry Christmast Everyone!!